Self Reflection # 4

For as long as I can remember I have written numerous essays and created charts with the use of Microsoft Word. This amazing software offers many options from, creating diagrams, adding clip art, and a variety of text fonts. With this software I have conducted all of my papers for school and have even used it for personal matters as well, as in a journal for when I want to clear my head and free-write. When I first started using Microsoft Word, I had difficulty using it because I wasn’t familiar with all the task bars and options that the software had and what there job was. However, by using this software more in completing schools assignments I grew more familiar with how Microsoft Word operates. Luke Arthur, the author of “What Are The Advantages of Microsoft Word?” states “While you are creating a document, Word also helps you make sure that it is the best it can be. When you misspell a word, Microsoft Word will immediately underline it. You can then click on the word and get suggested spellings. If you type a sentence that has poor grammar, Word will underline the sentence for you. This allows you to change the document while you are still working on it.” Here Arthur explains the benefits you have when using Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word ensures that you spell a word in the correct manner, by underling the incorrect word with a red curvy line we will be informed that there is an error in the word. In Essence, this function enables us to become better spellers with the use of Auto correct. Similarly a benefit of using Microsoft Word is that it can also easily provide access to other Microsoft Software’s. Like Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. The Microsoft office website explains how to “Make a statement with a wide selection of SmartArt graphics— including many new layouts for organization charts and picture diagrams—to create impressive graphics as easily as typing a bulleted list. SmartArt graphics automatically coordinate with your chosen document theme, so great-looking formatting for all your document content is just a couple of clicks away.” Here we see the many functions that can be utilized to add some creativity to an ordinary assignment. With the use of Microsoft Word you can turn a bland paper into a creative yet informative paper with the use of graphics and themes. Microsoft serves as an essential tool in school setting because it helps students coherently express their thoughts when writing a paper or create fun projects. Microsoft Word contributes to my understanding of the use of technology in teacher because it is an effective tool to create class activities, plan out lessons and formulate diagrams. I will continue to use my knowledge of Microsoft Word and implement it in my career as a future teacher. I will do this by allowing my students to complete activities with the use of Microsoft Word. In Addition, I will create assignments for them to complete with the use of Microsoft Software. My plans for continued growth are to continue using this Software to acquire as much knowledge as possible to help my students use this software effectively.


One thought on “Self Reflection # 4

  1. Microsoft word is a very useful tool not only in schools but aso in the work place and in our every day lives. I’ve used microsoft word for writing essays and it is very useful. It gives spell check and also tells if the sentence is a ruon or a fragment. Microsoft is used for a wide variety of reasons such as, create documents, wring letters, etc. Microsoft is a technology that I can’t imagine living without. I agree with you it is an amazing software with a wide range of uses.

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