Playhouse Phase 1

The purpose of the “Playhouse” model is to provide hands on experience for students to identify geometric shapes in the form of a house. By taking 2-diminsional shapes to create a 3-d house that incorporates the relevance of geometry in a real-life experience. The ability to create the “Playhouse” will enhance students understanding of the significance of the structure of a home. As well as improve their mathematical skills by teaching students the basics of working with 2-D shapes and how they work together to make 3-D shapes.

Software Tools & Procedures used to create design with reflection

The lesson on creating holes, taught us how to properly create the holes on the “Playhouse” walls so that we can connect them together. The procedure we used to make the 3-D house called for us to use a rectangle for the floor, then we used rectangles to create the walls. Each of the rectangles we used for the walls we created holes in so that they can connect like a puzzle. Next, we used a pyramid to create the roof of the playhouse by pressing the triangle display.


We’re very excited about the creation of our playhouse because it’s a fun learning experience in which incorporates everyday life experiences with classroom learning. We believe that the creation of this Playhouse will encourage students to be more eager to learn in a joyful educational way. Here is the link to our wonderful playhouse:

Group Members: Clara Nelson, Cindy Camargo,Meena Haitram,Maha Esskander,Lashana Ramoo


One thought on “Playhouse Phase 1

  1. I like all the description of the playhouse. All these descriptions bring the playhouse to life. What make it even more interesting is the pictures that you added to this blog.

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