Self Reflection #3

Many of us are familiar with the Power Point software and have most likely used it at least once in our lifetime when having to do a class presentation. PowerPoint is a Microsoft Office product that provides users with an interface to design multimedia slides to be displayed on a projection system or personal computer. The software incorporates images, sounds, videos, text, and charts to create an interactive presentation. Microsoft PowerPoint interacts with other Office products such as Microsoft Word and Excel, and is included with most Microsoft Office packages. This software has provided students with the tools to effectively organize a coherent presentation. In Addition is offers the audience a visual and thorough view of what is being presented. It enables students to follow along with the presenters while focusing on the presentation itself. My experience with PowerPoint has always been a pleasant one, it has helped me deliver a number of presentations and has helped enhance my skills and creativity. Aside from using PowerPoint for presentations, PowerPoint is also used as a helpful tool to teach lessons. Robert A.Bartsch the author of “Effectiveness of PowerPoint presentations in lectures” “explains that When asked at the end of the semester the transparency lecture was liked significantly less than the average of the basic PowerPoint lecture and the expanded PowerPoint lecture. Also at the end of the semester, students stated they learned less from the transparency lecture than the average of the basic PowerPoint lecture.” This shows how effectively Power point has proved to be in classroom settings. In essence, Robert A. Bartsch also discussed that students found PowerPoint more enjoyable.

Pursuing this further, the author of “Effective Use of Power Point” explains that “Classroom response systems can improve students’ learning by engaging them actively in the learning process. Instructors can employ the systems to gather individual responses from students or to gather anonymous feedback. It is possible to use the technology to give quizzes and tests, to take attendance, and to quantify class participation. Some of the systems provide game formats that encourage debate and team competition.” This demonstrates the wide range of possibilities this amazing software offers. PowerPoint contributes to my understanding of the role of technology by enhancing my knowledge of the many ways I can incorporate this software in my classroom. Nevertheless It can be used to help my students as well to create presentations in the classroom. In short, I will continue to use PowerPoint regularly and in my future teaching to better enhance my students creativity, and give them a more visual understanding of things.


2 thoughts on “Self Reflection #3

  1. I definitely agree with you. power point enhances learning. it also helps with the presentation. I like the fact that you have talked about your experience using power point and how it enhances your performance.

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