Self Reflection # 2

Smart boards have been commonly used as effective tools in classroom settings. While I was growing up I always found it easier to comprehend a lesson with a smart board, because I did not have to worry about not being able to read my teachers handwriting. In Addition, the smart board enables teachers to gather information from a variety of sources in a quick amount of time. Information can be easily accessed through the use of a smart board, without having to resort to other sources. According to Robin McDaniel, author of “How Can Smartboard be Beneficial to Students Learning?” “Because the Smart Board involves advanced technology, students are probably more likely to be intrinsically motivated to participate in classroom lessons” Meaning that the use of technology will draw students to be more engaged on what is being taught in the classroom and likely increase their motivation for learning all together. In my personal experience, I have found that I can focus better through the use of the Smartboard. It makes learning so much easier when you have everything laid out for you on a big screen. I am able to understand things clearer and see them clearer too. As an instructor I would also find the use of smart boards to make my lessons more organized and provide a good sense of structure for me. Bobbi F. Adrian author of “Incoporating the SMART Board for Smart Teaching” brings up a valid point when he says “Teachers need to be able to use technology to increase their professional development and to have positive contact with students on a regular basis” here the author discusses that technology is crucial in the professional development of any teacher, in order for a teacher to grow both educationally and professionally they need to teach with the use of the Smartboard. As a future teacher my plans for continued growth will be incorporate the use of the smart board and more technological devices in my classroom to promote motivation and increase learning in my students.


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