Self Reflection#1

The use of technology in classroom settings has become the new and improved way of effectively teaching students. More teachers are adapting this style of teaching to help keep students engaged in class discussions. One tool in particular, the tablet has become more common in schools. Mostly because of the wide range of apps available for different operating systems.  Tina Barseghian author of “How Tablets Can Enable Meaningful Connections for Students and Teachers” discusses how ” tablet computers can empower students to collaborate and share, to take more ownership of their learning, and to make deeper connections not only to the content, but also to their learning community.” here we see how effective tablets are in helping students be more responsible for their learning and there engagement with their peers. In Addition, we see how the use of tablets enables students to be more willing to participate in class discussions.

Studies have proven tablets to have a number of benefits in classroom settings. Tablets have shown to increase motivation in students, increase collaboration and create a more individual approach to learning.  The author of “Touch Tablets In the Classroom: what are the advantages?” illustrates how tablets not only have a vast impact on students but on teachers as well. They enable “classroom management and organization, student evaluation, and provide a unique teaching approach.” This demonstrates how teaching with tablets provides a more structured approach to learning, for both the teacher and the student. In the same light, tablets also offer a new hands on approach for students and create a new found way of learning.

I will continue my growth with tablets in the near future by having my students engage in classroom activities with the use of this tool. I will do this by having them jot down important information on observations they’ve made in science experiments, information they gathered in group activities, and by having them create graphic organizers. Which will help provide my students with a new motivation for learning. Incoporating tablets in classroom settings will provide a better hands on learning enviornment for students.


3 thoughts on “Self Reflection#1

  1. I agree with how useful tablets can be especially with the variety of applications that are offer and it would be amazing that every student would have the opportunity to work with them but unfortunately they can also be costly.
    The downside to this would be of course not all students or schools are able to have the funds to provide their students with these electronics. Since, in college using our phones and iPads or other electronics have become easier as students to use to help us with our classroom work it can surely help others swell

  2. The tablet is a convenient educational tool. It is portable and has all the aspect of th PC whereever you go. It is easy to use and a wide variety of information is at your finger tips.

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